Abogados en Palma de Mallorca

Civil, Commercial, Criminal, Admimnistrative, Labour, Nautical, Tax and Subsidy, and Immigration Law.

Asesores en Palma de Mallorca

Accountant, Tax and financial, Labour, Insurance, Intellectual Property, R+D+I Projects Conultation and Entrepreneurship and business management

Civil Law

  • Civil procedural law.
  • Property, mortgage and registration law.
  • Family law (matrimonial proceedings for the protection of minors, disabilities, paternity claims).
  • Inheritance (testamentary and intestate, adjudication and division of inheritance).
  • Donations (art. 50 CB.)
  • Civil, contractual and extra-contractual liability, damages and traffic.
  • Construction law.
  • Civil contracting.
  • Leasing.
  • Horizontal property.
  • Extra-judicial and judicial management of unpaid bills.
  • Claims for amounts.
  • Executive procedures (mortgage, exchange, sentence execution and non-judicial title proceedings).
  • Banking law (preferential claims, SWAPS, allegations of abusive clauses in mortgage loans – land clauses).
  • Mortgage credit renegotiation with SAREB and other banking entities (removals, novations, etc).
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign securities.
  • Commercial Law

  • Corporate operations (e.g. incorporation, capital increases and decreases, dissolution)
  • Board of Directors’ Secretariat.
  • Restructuring operations (mergers, divisions, exchanges of securities).
  • Bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Acquisition and takeover of companies.
  • Resolution of corporate conflicts.
  • Commercial contracts.
  • Advice and representation in national or international arbitration.
  • Second chance law.
  • Criminal law

  • Criminal procedural law.
  • Economic criminal law and money laundering
  • Criminal liability of the minor.
  • Criminal liability derived from work and traffic accidents.
  • Administrative Law

    • Town planning law and activity licences.
    • Patrimonial responsibility of the administration.
    • Foreigners and nationality.
    • Noise nuisance.
    • Animal law.
    • Activity licences.

    Labour Law

  • Labour and social security procedures.
  • Quantity claims.
  • Work incapacities.
  • Trade union law.
  • Personnel management, hiring, payroll and social security.
  • Consulting and legal advice on labour and social security matters.
  • EREs and ERTEs
  • Nautical Law

  • Construction, sale and rental of yachts, boats and mooring places.
  • Advice to shipping and airline companies on legal, fiscal and administrative matters.
  • Tax and Subsidy Law

  • Tax advice to companies and professionals.
  • Representation in inspections and contentious proceedings at all levels.
  • Economic-financial diagnosis and tax planning.
  • Advice and intermediation in the contracting of financial products and services.
  • Immigration Law

  • Residence, work and residence permits
  • Golden Visa
  • Nationality
  • UK-BRexit Citizens’ Permits
  • Representation and defence in court
    in all national or international bodies.

    Business Management and Consulting

    We help with your company’s consulting and management problems.


    Accounting advice to companies and professionals, mechanised preparation of accounts, periodic review and annual closures, as well as a specialised analytical accounting service focused on carrying out an elaborate study of the company’s economic and financial situation.

    Tax and financial

    Tax advice to companies and professionals, representation in inspections and contentious proceedings, economic-financial diagnosis and tax planning, as well as advice and intermediation in the contracting of financial products and services.


    Consulting and advice on labour law and social security. Personnel management, recruitment, payroll and social security are some of the services we provide from labour consultancy.


    Through our team of professionals, we offer an analysis and inspection of the risk of each company, as well as the management and administration of the most convenient insurance policies for each client.

    Intellectual Property

    Patent and trademark service as well as the management of intellectual and industrial property rights, registration, maintenance and monitoring of industrial property registers.

    R+D+I Projects

    Rambla Abogados & Asesores advises you from the start up to the technical and economic justification of Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+i) Projects. Advice on the implementation of R&D&I projects is the basis for the success of the project. We make special emphasis in the analysis of all the existing possibilities, aids, tax relief and registration of patents and utility models.

    Entrepreneurship and business management

    Creation and constitution of companies, start-ups and freelancers. Strategic advice on the preparation of business, marketing and commercialisation models and plans.